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Flight 60 Mechanical Ventilators: Bringing ICU quality ventilation throughout the hospital and beyond


The Flight 60 mechanical ventilator is an innovative, versatile ventilator, combining superior performance and comprehensive capabilities and it is ideal for pediatric and adult patients in an extensive range of care settings such as the ICU,Transport and Subacute. It's design incorporates flexibility and reliability to meet the challenging clinical demands of patient care both within and outside of the hospital.

Key features to support patient care goals include:

  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes including B-Level, Pressure and Volume Guarantee

  • Advanced monitoring capabilities such as Wave forms, Loops and Trending up to 72 hours on multiple parameters.

  • Lung Mechanics including Static / Dynamic Compliance, Resistence, Plateau pressure and Auto Peep

  • Single and Dual Limb patient configuration, Wall-Air independent and is easily connected to hospitals IT systems  

  • Provides the best in total cost of ownership and in standardization throughout care settings

Flight 60 Ventilators:
SRC-V100-0004 Flight 60 Ventilator Dual Limb with Internal Mixer
SRC-V100-0003 Flight 60 Ventilator Single Limb with Internal Mixer
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  • Intuitive & easy to use
  • Configurable Quick Start screen
  • 7" color touch screen
  • 12 hours internal battery - Extendable by battery Hot Swap
  • All pressure & volume ventilation modes - invasive & non-invasive
  • Advanced modes: Volume Guarantee, B-Lev (Bi-Phasic ventilation, APRV)
  • Exhaled volume monitoring
  • Advanced monitoring: static compliance, plateau pressure, Auto PEEP
  • Pediatric to Adult ventilation - 30ml - 2.2 liter; patients > 5 kg (11 lbs.)
  • Flow & Pressure Trigger
  • Built-in Oxygen sensor
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Large waveform display - Pressure, Flow, Volume & Loops
  • Connects to both high pressure and low-flow oxygen
  • Integrated low-flow oxygen Port
  • Alarm output connection
  • 72 hours of trend data: PIP, Actual Rate, and Vte

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